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Monday, February 27, 2012

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my roommate and i are moving this coming weekend. i'm THIS excited to be moving to a new place, but THIS not excited to pack and carry heavy boxes and make endless trips to the car and carry clothes by the armload down three flights of stairs. it's a good thing we have help. i've recruited my brother, my roommate's boyfrand, and several of my friends who drive big trucks/jeeps. we're paying them in pizza.

that being said, i'll probably be MIA this week (as i was much of last week). i'll be up to my ears in packing boxes and craziness. we've had a good run in this little apartment of ours. it's been a nice, cozy home for the last year and a half. 

we've had two christmases with pint sized trees.

we've had movie dates, pajama parties, late nights, and early mornings.

many wine glasses have been filled and emptied.

we've gotten dolled up for dates.

after i had my wisdom teeth taken out, my mom visited and nursed me back to health.

our neighbor's car caught on fire. 

i sent amy on a scavenger hunt all over the apartment for her christmas present.

we've celebrated our birthdays and decorated the apartment accordingly.

our community pool was my home away from home during the long, unemployed summer months. this is when i got my first real tan. this is very special. 

i've left my set of keys outside in the door all night (twice). 

amy's car rolled out of her parking space and hit another car.

we've received a written noise violation and proudly displayed the letter on our fridge.

our overnight guests have all slept on our bright orange craigslist couches.

our dining room table has been covered in glitter, glue, fondant, card stock, birthday cakes, and art projects.

during snow days, we've bundled up in our favorite pink bathrobes.

in the dead of summer, we've cranked up the ac and whined about north carolina humidity.

we've laughed, cried, danced, vented, commiserated, squealed with joy, killed bugs, hosted guests, cooked dinners, texted each other from one room away.

it's been real, little apartment. you will be missed.

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  1. Where are yall moving? I'm assuming you found subleasers? Details, woman, details!!!

    Also, I miss your face mucho mucho!


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