the lovely list. part seven.

Monday, February 6, 2012

and what a lovely week it was.

{photo credit: me}

surprise note on my car when i walked out of target. thanks, lori!

new nail polish. 

{photo credit: kelly and i}

date with kelly the great at piebird. all those desserts? free. why? because we're charming and cute. obvs. 

my older brother got a job in raleighwood! my little brother got accepted at two of his college choices! i'm one proud sister.

{photo credit: me}

5 miler with my friend liz.

awesome saturday service at summit. 

{photo credit: me}

valentine's day gift from my dad and candace. coffee, chocolate, and wine. how do they know those are three of my favorite things? it's like they have espn or something...

this song is my new current life jam.

{photo credit: me}

rediscovering this cute clutch. the ladies at swank coffee made it for me one christmas. these girls are craf-tay. 

roommate date to the $2 movie theater to see new year's eve. when did zac efron become a man?

{photo credit: me}

my dad and candace came up for a visit on sunday. i drove them around the city, and we had a delicious lunch/coffee/carrot cake date at parker and otis.

homemade guacamole. (did you know that if you leave the pit of one of your avocados in your guacamole, it stays green longer? genius! thanks to my friend heidi for the tip).

fro yo from yopop. if your fro yo costs less than $6.00, you're dong something wrong.

{photo credit: me}

a morning surrounded by crafts and coffee.

sleeping in on friday. yummmmmm.

finding out about this run. can't wait to do it in october.

what's lovely, ya'll?


  1. Are you doing the color run in Charlotte? I might be tempted...

  2. I gave you an award! Check it out here:

    : )

  3. I love that you parked next to me and didn't know it. I also love that I made the lovely list :)

    1. you're finally able to comment?? yaaaay! also, you didn't just make the lovely list. you're number one.


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