state fair

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{photo credit: ames}

went to the fair on saturday and consumed approximately 17,867 calories. it was worth every bite.

{photo credit: me}

we saw this prize pumpkin that weighed 522 pounds. crazy because this is exactly how much i weighed after eating fried cinnamon rolls on a stick, a giant turkey leg, a chocolate covered frozen banana, fried pickles, red velvet funnel cake with cream cheese frosting, and fried mac and cheese. 522 pounds.

{photo credit: me}
{photo credit: me}

this ride always reminds me of dave matthew's under the table and dreaming album. yes?

{photo credit: nice lady}

new friends! these two had never been to a state fair before which is why we had to try every delicious and crazy food possible. it's their fault i couldn't button my jeans the next day. 


  1. Okay this looks like so much fun! The calories don't count - you were walking around the whole time, right? Come on : )

  2. I love your photos and blog! Instant follower :)


    swaney e


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