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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{photo credit: mom}

i really love to keep up with blogs that have somewhat of a focus on fashion. i'm not talking about girls who blog about ridiculous runway fashions that no one in their right mind would ever wear. outfits made out of bungee cords or leather headdresses or shoes that look like torture devices. (don't know what i'm talking about? watch this video). i'm talking about girls like you and me who have a budget and shop at target. those girls. those girls have inspired me to post my very first outfit post. thanks, ya'll. 

{photo credit: mom}

my first outfit might hurt your eyes. if you don't like to mix patterns then i suggest you look away. come back some other time when i have a recipe posted. something safe like banana bread.

{photo credit: mom}

who stands like this next to a fence? one foot in the air, one hand holding on for safety. only everyone me. 

{photo credit: mom}

so there you have it. one outfit post. don't get excited and lose your head. i can already tell you i won't be consistent with outfit posts for two reasons. half the time what i'm wearing is a gym tee and a baseball hat. you've seen one, you've seen them all. secondly, when i actually do look cute how hard is it to stand around and pose? really hard. if i'm looking cute it means i've got someplace to be! people to talk to! a job to do! 

 still, it was fun. my mom loves taking pictures of me. she thinks i'm cute or something. thanks, mom. you're quite a whiz with the camera once you figure out how to turn it on. 

outfit credit
shirt, necklace, skirt: f21
shoes: ross


  1. love the outfit and dialogue to go with it. you go girl. is your mom famous or something cuz she is an excellent photographer!!!!

  2. A very cute outfit post actually much better than my first...



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