dark chocolate chunk raspberry swirl brownies

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{photo credit: me}

just another easy recipe for brownies. is there a limit as to how many of these i can have? let's hope not because i have another coming your way soon. 

we have a super hip intern who comes to our office once a week and hangs out with us. we make her do the jobs that we don't want to do-filing charts, making reminder calls, calling patients who are past due for their dental appointments. one time my co-worker actually asked her to separate the paper clips that were jumbled in her jar. even though i was not the one who assigned that task, i still felt ashamed. it was not a proud moment. lucia being the cool girl that she is, separated the paper clips and still remained friends with us. amazing, that one. 

she celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago so as a way of saying happy birthday/thank you for doing our dirty jobs i baked these brownies for her. i also baked carmelitas, but they have had their shining moment in this post. let's focus on the chocolate at hand, shall we?

{photo credit: me}

ok. so there's chocolate, right? and there's sugar. and butter. and eggs. and a few other things. everything goes into one bowl. you stir it. you put it in a baking dish and swirl some raspberry goodness all up in there.

bake it. eat it. do some sort of raspberry brownie dance that you make up on the spot. you will feel inspired, trust me.

after you dance, eat more.

for the full recipe, click here. but i'm pretty sure my instructions were spot on.

happy belated birthday, lucia! come visit us at the office soon. there are rubber bands that need to be counted. 


  1. Umm.. my birthday is in September... just incase you were looking for a reason to make these delicious brownies again :)

  2. Yesssss!! I love you ladies at the desk, no lies. Puhhhhlease when there is payment in caramelitias and dark chocolate raspberry deliciousness, who needs money? Or sanity? I will count paper clips, rubber bands, and go get the good ice from down the hall all DAY!
    ps your bloggie fresh is so cool. i am so honored to be the "hip" intern. at least you're the hipster in the group :)

    1. what did i do to deserve a friend/intern like you?? :-)

  3. These look so yummy. The gym would never forgive me.


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