happy birthday little etsy shop

Monday, July 22, 2013

{photo credit}

today marks humrightalong's first birthday! 

release the balloons. cue the big band. confetti, confetti, confetti.

the process leading up to me starting an etsy shop was slow. i was afraid. what if i'm completely in over my head, and it's a huge flop? i was lazy. ehhh, i'll do it tomorrow. i have a bunch of shows to catch up with on hulu. i was indecisive. what should i name my shop? what should i name my shop? what should i name my shop?

i had to learn how etsy worked and figure out how much i needed to charge for shipping and where i needed to order my supplies and what kind of supplies i even needed. i had to decide what kinds of items i was going to sell and how much i was going to charge for them. i needed a shop banner. i needed to write my specific shop policies. it took some research, some guesswork, and a good amount of nagging from close friends and family before i finally opened up shop last july. 

i am so very glad i did. from my very first order (thanks, dad!) to my very latest order (thanks, mrs. felix!), i have enjoyed myself immensely. when i check my email and i see an order notification, my insides get a little wobbly, and i feel a rush of excitement. 

over the past year, i've shipped orders to north carolina, south carolina, washington dc, louisiana, california, maryland, michigan, las vegas, and ohio. (!!!) to the remaining states, territories, and districts: i'm coming for you. 

i've made very special custom orders for people who wanted to remember their loved ones. i've made silly custom orders for people to give to their best friends as inside jokes. i have even recently added a few new styles of beaded necklaces and earrings which i am really excited about.

thank you to everyone who has supported me by being my personal cheerleader or who has show their support by purchasing an item from my shop. it means so much to me, and i am beyond appreciative.

as a way of saying thank you, i am offering free shipping on all items purchased this week (monday, july 22nd-sunday, july 28th). just enter code "FIRSTBIRTHDAY" at checkout, and the shipping cost will be waived.

so, uh, i guess this is the part where i shamelessly plug my own shop. GO BUY SOMETHING. 


  1. Happy birthday to your adorable little etsy shop! You've got some great stuff in there, Lacey!!

    1. yay birthday! thanks, lady. i have a blast doing it. :-)

  2. I love the stamping! I just got a small set last year from Harbor Freight and Tool. :)

    1. i love little stamped words. unfortunately, i can't take credit for this little card, but how cute is it!?


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