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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{photo credit}

let it be known. i'm not a cat person.

aaand four of you just unsubscribed from my blog.

don't freak out. i'm not an animal hater. just one kind of animal. and hate may be too strong of a word. strongly dislike?

i have my reasons. they tend to act prissy. they lick themselves too much. when cats gain weight, they don't wear it well. belly dragging on the ground is not becoming of anyone.

they knead blankets and pillows with this contended look on their face for hours. stop, already.

you're in a room with a cat. you're not looking at it. you're not paying any attention to it, and then you glance over, and it's staring straight into your soul. and you just know it's been staring for a long, long time.

they run right in front of your path, causing you to awkwardly shuffle/trip out of the way.

they rub against your legs and raise their butt right at the end. {what is that?}

also, litter boxes.

{photo credit: me}

however, i don't think i've seen a funnier video than a cat video.

cats chase string, and that's pretty cool.

it's fun to tie a sock around the middle of a cat and watch it fall down.

they're small, but they're feisty. {have you ever been scratched by a cat? sucker stings}

they find the best sleeping spots. paper bags? sock drawers? doesn't matter. they'll sleep for years.

and, i hate to say it, but they look pretty dang cute as kittens.

as with most things, i do have a few exceptions. there are a few cats that i don't completely despise including our family cat margo, my friend liz's cat because she inserts his name into rap songs {stanley got low, low, low, low, low, low, low}, and my friend chelsea's cat because he acts more like a dog.

so, there you have it. i know i'll probably receive some hate mail for this one, but it's called freedom of blogging speech. look it up. it's in the thing.

p.s. i was just browsing pinterest, and i see someone has tagged a cat picture as "inspiration". 
#neverinamillionyears. (if i had twitter)


  1. Hahahaha looove this. I, too, do not like cats. At all. Like I don't even like to pet them or cuddle with them. I kinda wish I did, because they are pretty easy animals to keep as pets. But yes, the staring into your soul thing, and also the unfriendly thing. They only want to come be pet when you are ignoring them. I'm so much more a dog person!

    1. i totally agree! dogs rule, cats drool. dogs are just such a friendly bunch in general. they know how to make my heart go soft with one cute head cock. do you guys have a dog?

  2. This made me LAUGH. SO. HARD.

    Thanks :)

    I am a cat person by transplant - hubs brought in the cat, I brought the dog....and we used to argue about which one was more awesome but I decree they are both equally awesome.

    1. hahaha do the cat and dog get along?? i do have a little thing for orange kitties. but don't tell ANYONE.


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