march mix

Sunday, March 2, 2014

{photo credit: me}

hey, kids! our interet was fixed just in the nick of time for a fresh new monthly mix. march is my birthday month, so my "theme" is basically just songs i like. not so much a theme as it is an eclectic mix of random tunes. but i think that might just work out in everyone's favor!

sunday afternoon started the beginning of my birthday celebrating as i shared caramel lattes and a thick slice of chocolate cake with my dad at one of my favorite coffee shops. it was such a sweet time of catching up with him. he's a pretty cool guy with lots of wisdom to share so we always have good talks. and he also gave me his old surfboard and a bunch of really great camping gear. um, YES. i'm already planning beach trips and mountain weekends. oh, do i know how to surf you ask? that would be a big fat no. do i want to learn? yes, and now i'm basically 90% there. the hardest part is obtaining a board, right? thank you, dad!

march mix

you are enough : sleeping at last

wake up : the arcade fire

the run and go : twenty one pilots

put a light on : generationals

southern sun : boy & bear

stay alive : jose gonzalez

hey pretty girl : kip moore

ghost : sir sly

crystallized : young the giant

bright whites : kishi bashi

celebrate nothing : phantogram

just and just as : penny and sparrow

good : dave barnes

i hope this gets to you : the daylights (feat. sleigh bells)

psychasthenia : william fitzsimmons

dead in your head : bleached

(look for the music player along the side bar)

happy listening and happy march!


  1. Yay march babies! And yay surfboard! My uncle taught me how to surf a few years ago and it truly is one of the greatest experiences anyone can have. Flying and just complete unity with the ocean. Cannot wait for you to learn!

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. so cool that you know how to surf! fairly easy to pick up? i'm so excited. i want it to be summer right now. i will keep you posted on my progress when i finally get out on the waves. cowabunga? people still say that.

  2. wow, a free surfboard from your daddy!? Awesome! I would never be able to stand on one of those. I can't even stand on a skateboard.

    Oh, and I love your mix! I've only heard of a few of those bands, but my all time favorite is Young the Giant! I've seen them 5 times in concert. Good choice!

    1. i'm sure they are awesome to see live! i need to listen to more of their stuff. they are a jam! and, yes, i am anticipating falling off my board more than i am standing on it. that's a given. :-)


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