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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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the lovely emma kate from the hippie memoirs tagged me to participate in a fun post this week. i have a list of questions to answer in hopes that you guys will get to know me a little bit more. this reminds me of those really long email chains that used to go around when i was in high school with the bazillion questions from "do you prefer hugs or kisses?" to "what was the last thing you ate?" those things were so insanely fun. this is like the grown up version of that. 

1. what's your motto?

i don't know if i really have a life motto, but last year my mantra was "be brave". i think that has followed me into this year as i am continuing to try new things and be a yes woman (the good kind. not the pushover kind.)

2. what's the first memory you remember having? 

i remember riding in a little front seat of my mom's bike as she would peddle us all over town. i think we were living in holland at the time. i remember being scared out of my mind going down hills. it was basically like front seat on a roller coaster. 

3. is there a word you seem to say a lot?


4. if you could live anywhere, where would you choose?

the west coast. my first choice is always california, but i think living in washington or oregon would be amazing. my motivation for moving is always the same-the miserable, sticky, smothering season that is summer in the south. the humidity, it takes over your brain. you start thinking crazy thoughts. thoughts about marrying giant icicles and getting adopted by polar bear families. it's not safe here in the summertime. 

5. what's your favorite indulgence? 

brownies and ice cream with toppings. 

6. what's a song you have repeatedly stuck in your head?

good grief. every day is a new song. today: drunk in luuuuuuuuv. 

7. think of something soft. what first comes to mind? 

my pink, fuzzy bathrobe. thing is a garish eyesore, but it is beyond comfortable. 

8. when you were a kid, who did you look up to and why?  

my parents. still do. they are all such wonderful, loving, supportive people. their patience with me and my siblings is beyond normal limits. i love them all so much. 

9. if you could communicate with any animal, which would you choose?  

cats. and i would sing them taylor swift's lyrics "why you gotta be so mean?"

10.  what do you like to do on rainy days?  

i love to hunker down at my craft table and crank out the goods. i brew coffee and get some music going. this is my zone. if my roommate is home, there is a good chance we will end up on the couch at some point playing with each others hair and talking about boys. 

11. what do you hope to achieve this year? 

continue saying "yes" to new opportunities, focus on my etsy shop, take art/craft classes, eat chipotle burrito bowls. 

thanks, emma kate! this was fun. i have decided to tag emma jane and laura to play along. tag, you're it! 


  1. Thank you so much for playing along! I loved reading all of your answers. I would also love to spend time in Oregon/Washington- I think it's just gorgeous there. And how can you not get "Drunk In Love" stuck in your head- such a good song.

    P.s. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! http://thehippiememoirs.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-sunshine-award.html

    1. let's take a blogger road trip! have you spent time on the west coast? and thank you for my nomination! so excited to put that up next week.

  2. Yay tags! I'll have this up by the end of the week! All of your answers are tops! I'll move to Washington/ Oregon with you ;)

    1. i think we should gather all of our favorite blogger friends and take a vacation. you in? sweet! i can't wait to see your answers!

  3. Ohh you tagged me! I'll have to get on that! :)

    I think one of my favorite responses on this was #9. Why DO cats gotta be so mean??

    1. cats are more moody than i am. and that's saying something.

  4. You are the cutest! Loved getting to know you better through this post :)
    xo TJ


    1. it was fun to answer the questions! i love little questionnaires like this. :-)


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