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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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oh, heeeeeey. i am back from cali-for-ni-A! we had a really great trip, but it's obvious to me that i am still out of sync with my sleep schedule. i've been waking up with less than 10 minutes to get ready and out the door for work since monday. dat's no good.

i am planning a vacation recap post for the near future, but until i can collect my thoughts and pictures, my beautiful friend emma is featuring me on her blog the hippie memoirs. emma and i have been collaborating together here and there for the past year, and she is my favorite gal to work with! she's talented and creative, and her blog just had a spectacular makeover. she is doing a new monthly feature called meet the muses where she will introduce a new blogger every month to her readers. i'm excited to be involved! head over to read a few fun facts about me and check out the rest of her amazing blog.

but wait. before you go. how are you guys? i've been out of the loop, and while i did have a lovely vacation without my computer for a week, i am excited to be back. more posts are coming soon including some exciting news i have to share! hint: i'm not engaged, pregnant, moving, or getting a new car. (but what else is there??)


  1. i found your blog through emma's & am so happy she featured you, i've loved going through your blog!

    1. thank you! emma is just the coolest isn't she? can't wait to check your blog out! heading there now.

  2. I love the post Emma did on you! I hope that your vacay was good; I can't wait to read all about it! So excited that you're back :)

    1. thank you! it's good to be back. :-) how is teaching going?


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