internet gems. part eight.

Friday, October 3, 2014

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every type of comment you will find on any food blog post

how to make life better. a video.

this card is how i feel most of the time around my boyfriend.

simple craft: dipped pencils

i'm making chicken stew for a date with my roommate tonight. the blogger lady raves about it for 10 sentences at the beginning of the post. let's see if i can make it without screwing it up.

i've only browsed through her last three posts, but i think i may have found my latest blogger crush.

this girl's tumblr. i don't really understand how tumblr works. is it more like a blog? is it more like a pinterest? don't know. but meg does it well.

every single link in kiki's bits and pieces post. (i stole one or two for this list!)


  1. These are all such great links! I love looking on tumblr and posting things on there but I agree- some of the stuff on there confuses me lol! And those dipped pencils!!!! I think they are so cool. I would love to do something small and crafty like that for fall. Have you tried to make them?

    1. you have a tumblr? nice! how do i find your page? i haven't tried the pencil craft, but i agree that it is such a sweet and small DIY. they would make nice gifts too, i think.


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