october mix

Monday, October 6, 2014

{photo credit: me}

hellooooo, october! you are the stuff of dreams. i have always loved this time of year. the drop in temps, the falling of leaves, crisp morning air, drinking hot beverages and not sweating like i do when i drink them in the summer. fall is everything good.

fall is especially perfect for aimless afternoon driving. get in yer car and cruise, baby. and what october drive would be complete without a rockstar playlist to accompany it? have no fear. the october playlist is here. it includes a one direction song. i never ever saw that coming in a hundred million years.

october mix

each year : ra ra riot

you : gold panda

in nothing : sea wolf

lost at sea : the great american canyon band

joy of nothing : foy vance

steal my girl : one direction

at home : crystal fighters

feels like we only go backwards : tame impala

ante up*** : ages and ages

cardiac arrest : bad suns

happy fall to you and yours.


  1. Ha ha! I will have to give this One Direction song a try! Loving this playlist, lady!! So many great songs that are perfect for this time of year! I love Sea Wold and Ra Ra Riot is always fun :)

    1. i'm only a little embarrassed that i like that song as much as i do. red cheeked emoji. i hope you post a mix for fall! i always get excited over yours. music sistas.


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