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Monday, August 15, 2011

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big news, HUGE news. 
my bestie sarah and her sweet hubs jason are having a BABY BOY! 
wooooooo!!! i'm going to be a pseudo aunt! 
quick, what are my responsibilities? 

*knit booties buy knitted booties
*crochet baby blanket purchase crocheted blanket
*build wooden horse rocker leave this to someone with carpentry skills
*record myself singing lullaby tunes and put together a mix cd done

sarah has been my bestie since college. she's gorgeous, hilarious, so very kind, has kil-ler skin, and is married to a sweet, southern gentleman. i'm so excited that they will be adding a sweet baby boy to their little family! congratulations sarah and jason! 

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(are they not freaking adorable?)


  1. So sweet...I may have had a few tears! We all love you "crazy" Aunt Lacey :)

  2. It seems like me and everyone is preggers! Congrats to your friends!

    -Jamie :)


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