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Sunday, August 28, 2011

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riiiight? week one of training is in the bag, and i think i asked 7, 842 questions. approximately. i'm definitely not the kind of person who is afraid to ask a question if i don't understand, but i already want to know everything about my position so i don't have to wait for help. i have to realize it's going to take time to figure everything out. i have to take one day, one hour, one minute at a time or i find myself getting overwhelmed. i did, however, only have to ask where the starbucks was once. take the elevator to the 1st floor, turn left, turn right, turn left, you're there.

when i look back at my last jobs, i remember how routine everything became over time. instead of being stressed out during a busy day, it was more like an adrenaline rush. i knew what to do, i knew the process, i just had to prioritize, balance, and multi-task. i feel myself already wanting to be at that level at my new job, and i've only had one week (three 12 hour days) of training. i have to remind myself that i couldn't possibly know everything there is to know about my new job yet. i'm trusting God to give me the patience i need and the ability to retain new information. i'm also using my handy dandy notebook to write down everything. i write really fast and use shorthand so when i look back over it throughout the day sometimes i don't understand what i've written. "pulmonary entry zm10"? anyone?

anyone else know what i'm talking about? it's always exciting starting a new job but a little scary, too! there will come a point when i will be on my own, and people will expect me to do things things that i may or may not know how to do. maybe i should look into what "pulmonary entry zm10" means. i'm sure that will be on a test later on.

when you've started a new job, what has been the most challenging part? do you feel like you should know everything on day one? do you prefer to ask questions or find the answer on your own? does the workroom refrigerator scare the jeebers out of you?

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  1. AMEN, girl! God keeps re-teaching me patience, a daily dependence on Him, and to take things like you said - one moment, one hour, one day at a time. Thank you for posting this :)


    Nicki ;)


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