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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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on a recent trip to paper*source (love, love, love that place), i ran across this super fly book. the indie rock poster book is the freshest of the fresh. it combines funky art and classic indie songs in perfect harmony.

lets break it down. the book contains 30 removable, ready-to-frame art posters designed by the country's top graphic illustrators. their inspiration? only the sickest/coolest/most swell indie songs out there. this sweet little vid explains it well.

here are some of my favorites. click on the song title to listen to each song (and/or watch the music video) and see if you think the artwork is a good fit!

tv on the radio
illustration by julia rothman

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illustration by jenna holcombe 

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fleet foxes
illustration by mark weaver

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lykke li
illustration by chris gray

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beach house
illustration by will bryant

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the brains behind this genius idea is the non profit organization yellow bird project. their mission statement is "helping those in need via a few indie rock bands and a lot of creativity." awesome much? 

proceeds from each sale go to nonprofits of each artist's choice. go to their website and read their story. there is so much information that i can't possibly cover it all. if i had to sum them up one one word, it would be intensely awesome and epic. also, unstoppable.

indie rock for life! *fist in the air*

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