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Friday, August 12, 2011

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today marks the start of my last weekend as a non-working woman. come monday, and i'll be contributing to society once again. huzzah! i'm really looking forward to having a schedule again. getting up, making coffee, and heading to the pool day after day does not count as a schedule.

but, in all honesty, the past six months have been wonderful on so many levels. it's been a time of mandatory rest. i really enjoyed my last job, but i was working a lot of overtime and feeling very stressed. in a way, the fact that the business closed down was a weird blessing. it's not how i thought my prayers were going to be answered at all. it was actually a huge shock when me and my co-workers got the news, but i have been able to look back and see how God has provided for me in every area.

i have been able to rest and recuperate, i've had more time to craft, i've spent more quality time with my Savior, i made the decision to lead my small group, i've been available to help friends out during the week, i was able to volunteer with my church, i made more trips home to see my family, etc.

of course, it hasn't been all peaches and cream. at times, i've wanted to pull my hair out/throw myself on the floor and cry/open a pint of ben and jerry's and eat it all in one sitting. and when i say i've wanted to what i mean is that's really what happened. BUT even in the midst of my pity party, i knew i was being taken care of. it's such a relief to know that i am not ultimately in charge of my future.

so, i know the big question on all of your minds is, "lacey, tell us! what will you be doing? what's your new job? where will you be working? what are the details?" woah. ok, ok, one at a time. i will be working at duke hospital as the health unit coordinator for the lung transplant floor. oooh, fancy! well, not really. health unit coordinator (huc) is basically a glorified term for secretary. my duties will include answering incoming phone calls, directing patient calls to the appropriate nurse, dancing on command, distributing faxes, organizing patient charts, perpetually smelling like flowers, coordinating transportation for patients, entering discharge orders into the computer, and always having a smile on my face. i think i can handle it. well, maybe not the smelling like flowers part. (sometimes i don't take showers.)

this weekend i've got some fun things planned before i start orientation on monday. i'm going to get a pedicure (sooo excited), lay out at the pool, have a yummy dinner with friends, attend a leadership conference at my church, hang out in southern pines with my roommate and my friends chelsea and matt, visit my favorite baristas at swank coffee shop, and go to my friend michelle's baby shower. should be a good time! what are your weekend plans?

p.s. just want to say thank you to everyone who reads this blog! i have a lot of fun putting together my posts. i like sharing my life, my interests, my stories with you. thanks for all of your funny, kind, witty, sweet, thoughtful comments, too. you guys make me want to be a more funny, kind, witty, sweet, thoughtful person. here's to you, my awesome followers!


  1. So great meeting you and Chelsea at Starbucks. This blog is too cute. I hope your first day of work goes well.

    Ps...I HEART crafts, too!

  2. thanks for sharing a cookie with me on your last week of unemployment.

  3. Your blogs make me laugh. :) Thanks for sharing them!

    -Jamie :)


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