Thursday, August 18, 2011

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hey yaaaaa'll. although i have lived in the south for 17 years, i don't really consider myself a true southerner. i don't have an accent. i hate our sticky, unbearably hot summers. eating at cracker barrel does not make me swoon. BUT, that being said, i really do love the south in general. people are friendly. we wave and nod and give you directions. the south is where small town america is alive and well.

but, i digress. this post is not, in fact, all about the south. it's really all about free music. free. what a stellar word. noisetrade is one of my favorite music websites. they have thousands of artists and albums available for zero dollars. i know what you're thinking. "if they are available for zero dollars, they must be artists who record in their basement and play instruments that no one has ever heard of before." that's where you are wrong. these artists are amazing. ever heard of katie herzig? ben rector? the civil wars? not everything i listen to is my personal style or taste, but when you're not being charged to listen and download, you can afford to take that risk. 

trent dabbs is currently giving away his album southerner. it is my new favorite download. perfect for road tripping. if you don't have any road trips coming up, you can also play it on your way to the grocery store or the car wash. same effect. go ahead and make your way over to noisetrade and discover some new music. you will not regret it. i'm willing to bet you'll find a new artist you'll really like.

happy thursday. see you soon! or, as we say in the south, ya'll come back now!


  1. Cracker Barrel is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. And weigh eleventy thousands pounds.

  2. Lacey, Noisetrade is a great find!

    I have a band for you to check out:
    My buddy Ellis lives in Chicago and co-founded a band called "Jon Drake & The Shakes."

    They are finishing up a new album and were just featured in a big Chicago area music tv show:

    Free download of their amazing EP (Fair Warning: The tracks "Margie" and "Elizabeth Johnston" will seriously get stuck in your head):

    Big props on the new job! Good luck

  3. Thanks for sharing Noisetrade. I'm going to check it out - love music....AND black coffee and staying in my pj's any time of day and sometimes all day :) We have so much in common.

    Looking forward to exploring more of your blog.


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