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Monday, September 19, 2011

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in my opinion, fall is the most fun season to dress for. the sweltering heat of summer is over, and the cold winter winds haven't hit yet. the few weeks of cool weather allow light layers. you can get by with wearing dresses and tights without bundling up in a huge jacket and ear muffs. but who still wears ear muffs anyways? oh, you too? i knew i liked you.

i feel the most creative with my wardrobe when the weather becomes cool. the clothes in my closet look new and fresh because i can pair summery items with cardigans, light blazers, and my favorite skinny jeans. i can get away with short-ish skirts by pairing them with tall boots. almost any summer dress becomes appropriate for fall with white, textured tights.

here are a few stylish images that have me stoked for this season. can't wait to emulate these outfits with what i already own/what i find at tjmaxx and goodwill. that is, when i'm not wearing pajamas or my gym clothes.

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scarf. you usually hide my cute belts, but i got tricks you ain't eva seen. 

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i love when socks come higher than the boot.
it's like, i did this on purpose. no, i didn't. yes, i did.

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plaid anything is, like, so hot right now. 

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pink shirt + striped skirt + just the right amount of 
golden hour sunlight = the perfect fall outfit. 
also, being blonde and tiny helps a hair. 

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i pretty much have this outfit minus the short trench, the black clutch, the green plaid shirt, the green striped shirt, and her hair. 

for those indian summer days. i love the mixing of patterns here. people are confused intimidated when you mix patterns. it's fun to intimidate confuse people. well, now i'm all messed up. it's one or the other.

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heeeey, chiseled cheekbones. didn't i say plaid anything is so hot right now? yes, i did. exhibit a. the only way this picture could get any better is if he was wearing red plaid. and maybe if he was holding a sign asking me to dinner.

happy fall fashioning! what's your favorite thing about dressing for fall?  

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