when life gives you lemon cake mix

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{photo credit: me}

attention please. i am about to tell you something so amazing and unbelievable that you may ask me to be the godmother of your children, born and unborn. you will want me in your life forever once you read this recipe for cake mix cookies. it is the easiest recipe in the entire world. it is. really. i checked library records.

1 box lemon cake mix
1 tub of cool whip
1 egg
1 bowl filled with powered sugar

preheat oven to 350 degrees. line cookie sheets with wax paper. 

open the cool whip and eat a good sized bite straight out of the tub. put the remaining cool whip in a bowl with the egg and lemon cake mix. mix. mix. mix. the dough will be very, very sticky. i'm talking, if you drop an earring in this batter, you will never be able to pull it out. so, do all of your friends a favor and don't wear jewelry while you make these. 

once you have combined all the ingredients, drop small, spoon-sized portions of the tar-like batter into the bowl of powered sugar. cover the drops with sugar until coated. only now should you pick up the batter and roll it between your hands to form balls. place balls on cookie sheets. bake for 8-10 minutes. cool on cookie racks. eat until your pants don't fit.

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

{photo credit: me}

since last wednesday, i have made these cookies three (3!) times, and i think i am making them again today. they are especially yummy if you spread jam or frosting in between two cookies. i spread raspberry jam between mine and made little lemon raspberry sandwich cookies. mmmmmmMMMMM. i also made this same recipe using chocolate cake mix, and it was just as divine. my next idea is to use spice cake mix and pumpkin/apple butter. helloooooo fall flavor combination. 

i can't take credit for this recipe even though i really want to. chelsea is the one who told me about it first, but she doesn't like to receive praise or credit for anything (so humble. what a dear) so you can send all of your thank you letters/the deed to your southern estate to me. 

happy baking! 


  1. OMG. I am making these. Maybe not the lemon, right away, but definitely your spice cake idea. It doesn't even matter that I have a triathlon this weekend (and hence shouldn't be eating 42 cookies), and exactly 1,732 things to do tonight.

  2. Haha, so it was YOU who made these. Sean and I both ate one at the end of the night. Delicious! Belated Thank You=). -Sammo


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