the lovely list. part one.

Friday, September 30, 2011

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"the lovely list" as defined by the dictionary of lacey ostoj: a list of things i love. products that make my life easier. good thoughts and happy feelings. anything relating to chocolate. 
i don't want to say this will be a weekly thing because i'm afraid of commitment, but i will say that i like the idea of making this a weekly thing. that's as close to a promise as you'll get from me.

1. baby pigs. come on.
2. ben howard. his voice is like a soft cotton pillow to my ears. that's weird. he doesn't sound anything like a soft cotton pillow. he sounds better. like maybe a down pillow. 

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3. a weekend in southern pines starting tonight! ames and i are running a 5k with our friend matt, my parents have already promised homemade pizzas on the grill, and i'm pretty sure my mom will do my laundry for me if i ask very sweetly. i love, love my sweet hometown
4. hot french press coffee in my hand right now.
5. the warrior circuit class at arrichion. it makes me want to throw up and fist pump simultaneously.

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6. deep chocolate nail polish. perfect for fall. opi's "i'm with brad" is what i like to use. 
7. pumpkin cookies with butterscotch chips. the skill level to make these is rated easy peasy, and the recipe yields about 300 cookies. which means 3 for you, 297 for me. (blog post soon!) 
8. not working on fridays. 
9. stretch jeans that make my legs and butt look yowza.

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10. spending my morning with bedhead and lots of paper crafts. 

ok! well, that wasn't very scary. i think i can handle this on a weekly basis. don't quote me on that. i might choke and run away from the blog altogether. 


  1. favorite thing: spending time with my precious daughter!

  2. Lacey - I've been popping over and reading your posts. You are such a wonderful gal! Love your list of lovelies.... I love our little hometown, too! Have fun on your run! Maybe I'll see you at church.... If you have time come up and see what Mary and I did to Sean's old room.... I think you'd like it! :-) B. PS - adding your blog to my sidebar! Really enjoying it!

  3. You should check out Jose Gonzales and Sean Hayes if you don't already adore them. Love your blog!


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