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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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we are a people with a future-not spiritual nomads or wanderers, but a people of purpose and destiny. the past is over. the future stretches out before us full of promise and possibility.

we are a changed people-new people. not avoiding decisions that must be made, nor running from responsibility because of the mistakes and failures in our past, we look toward a future based on a newness of heart created in us by God. 

no longer haunted by the past, we are free to choose-to make new commitments and follow new direction. in our freedom we set new standards and find new strength by which to live. 

we have called upon our merciful God, repented, and begun to have the hope of a new heart and a new start-the beginning of a total renewal. 

what a relief! to know that we have a God who forgives-to know that we have a God who understands, and who can heal and help us. He will teach us His ways; He will make us more like Himself; He will lead us in the right direction.

free to capture the vision of His majesty. to seize the significance of our salvation. to catch a glimpse of His beauty and the reality of our redemption. 

we are renewed. 

-neva coyle

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  1. love the truth of this writing lacey. we are free because of Him, free to laugh,cry,be needy,to worship, to be a child, to live without fear, to go forward with hope and expectations. love you honey, get ready for lots of hugs


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