it's not too early

Monday, November 14, 2011


  1. its never too early for christmas! (or gifts for that matter!)see you soon gal.

  2. It is too early; does thanksgiving not mean anything to you? I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because it's the only one left that hasn't been turned into an excuse for more materialism and selfishness. Christmas is a Christian holiday at heart and it, along with easter, are the most important in terms of absolute significance with what they stand for. However that's a mindset that we should hold on to and apply everyday in our lives, so the simple joy of gathering friends and family together for a turkey dinner is definitely the most noble holiday left. Please quit dissing Thanksgiving, it hurts my feelings.

  3. oh my. how did i diss thanksgiving? i guess i don't understand how you were offended by my music video. i love thanksgiving. i love christmas. i love this whole holiday season! i try to squeeze every ounce of holiday cheer out of this time of the year because it's my favorite. time with friends and family is so wonderful, and, as a believer, i celebrate christmas as a christian holiday, too. hope you enjoy this holiday season.


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