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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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as i'm writing this, my craft table is covered in christmas paper and stickers, love actually is playing in our living room, and my pandora station is set to "where are you christmas?"

i can see you panicking already. all of you out there who refuse to listen to christmas music until after thanksgiving are scrambling to close this post. don't worry. this playlist does not contain one song about sugarplums or the jolly guy. (i'm saving all those for next month.) i'm just saying that i'm kinda sorta extremely excited about the upcoming holiday season.

here are some lovely tunes for the month of november. most of them are slow and cozy but a few might make you want to bust a move. it's only fair that i warn you. also, make sure you take advantage of the free songs. you need some good music in your life. i've looked at your itunes library, and it isn't pretty.

*november mix*

mid november : jonathan rice

let's go : madi diaz

up, up, up : givers

no silver : chris bathgate (free!)

1000 ships : rachel platten

i don't want love : the antlers (free!)

dancing choose : tv on the radio

hidden staircase : feather and belle (free!)

moth's wings : passion pit

sway : the perishers

ten-twenty-ten : the generationals

howlin' for you : the black keys

flume : bon iver
(peter gabriel's cover of this song is wowzers.)

happy listening!

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