the lovely *thankful* list. part four.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving! i have many things to be thankful for. 

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my family. they're loving, gracious, aggravating, encouraging, selfish, silly, forgiving, generous, annoying, inspiring-everything a family should be! i love them so very much. couldn't have picked them better myself. 

my friends. these characters add flavor to my life. they are my biggest support system, and i would be one sad duck without them. 

my faith. i'm thankful that i have the freedom to worship God without being persecuted. i am thankful for diversity and even when we don't believe the same thing, we can learn from each other.

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my country. i am so thankful to live where i do. honestly, i take it for granted so often. i have the freedom to live my life without worry or fear. 

i am thankful that, even though i am working today, i have a job and a paycheck. 

my creative spirit. 

my five senses. love those guys. 

the fact that i went to wal*mart yesterday, the day before thanksgiving, and made it out alive. miracle. 

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i'm thankful that my parents still let me bring my laundry home when i come visit. 

i'm thankful for laughter and how certain things, like this video, never fail to make me laugh.

i'm thankful that the starbucks at work is open today because i forgot my coffee in the car. saved the day. (although, i hope they close early so that the baristas can go home.)

for live online coverage of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. one of my most favorite thanksgiving traditions.

for small pleasures in life: grocery shopping, black coffee, pajamas, favorite songs, chocolate chips, running in the evening, leaves falling, dinner with a friend.

happy, happy thanksgiving! enjoy this time with your family and friends. enjoy eating until your pants get snug. be thankful for the things you take for granted. give. be gracious. 

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  1. aw, gee, we are tickled pink. thanks honey, you are precious and so special. i envy no one their daughter as i have the best!! we are thankful for you


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