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Monday, January 16, 2012

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i can't stop thinking about this green juice that i had about a month ago. it tasted like grass and celery and earth and health and it was delicious. i got it at the juice bar at the whole foods in chapel hill, and i've been craving it like a pregnant woman. (i realize this is how internet rumors are started. this and perez hilton. i'm so very not preggo). the whole foods store that is closest to me doesn't have their own juice bar, so i am trying to make my way back over to the thrill to get my fix.

 i guess green dirt juice is a trendy, popular thing to drink these days because several food blogs have been featuring their own version. the only difference i see is that these versions look like they actually taste "good" and not like bitter roots. my rooms got a food processor and a blender for christmas, so i think i'll be trying out some different recipes. maybe substituting bitter roots for the bananas and pears and such because i'm a tree hugging crunchy hippie, and i like the taste of bitter roots.

green machine smoothie
at cookie and kate

Healthy, natural, delicious homemade smoothie
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green energy shake
at shutterbean

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kale spinach and pear smoothie
at joy the baker

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spring green juice
at whole family fare

green juice
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and i'm totally not bitter that amy got two great kitchen appliances for christmas. justin bieber's under the mistletoe trumps all. (gah, it so doesn't.)


  1. I love stuff that tastes earthy. I have no idea why. Like completely unflavored green tea, and unsweetened almond milk--that stuff is amazing! I will for sure have to try one of these recipes...

  2. Oh yum! I actually love things like this that I know are super healthy for me. Haha- it's true that Perez tends to stir rumors up a bit, huh?


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