they say it's your birthday!

Monday, January 9, 2012

{photo credit: me}

ok, so i'm going to get better about posting birthdays. i feel like out of all my friends and family members i've posted two? three? it's not intentional that i don't post certain birthdays. i just forget. i feel guilty when i post someone's birthday the day after i didn't post someone else's birthday. and, come on, you know all of you guys out there want your 15 minutes of fame on my extremely popular and super trafficked blog. (i promise i'll try to pick the most flattering picture of you as long as i also look good in the picture). so, i guess in a weird way, this might be my one new years resolution. most lame new years resolution of all time.

happy birthday to dale! i wish my stepdad the very best of birthdays. he's been a great role model to my brothers and i and a wonderful husband/best friend to my mom. he is really great about being calm when the situation is chaotic or crazy. when i have a favor to ask, sometimes i go to him first because he's a little softie. he's also a genius when i have a fix-it problem that i don't know how to fix-it. he makes delicious homemade bread, he builds and creates art pieces from random findings, and he helps my mom color her hair when she needs a touch up. he's basically a modern day renaissance man.
happy birthday to dale! hip hip!


  1. How did you Photo-shop those blue things on our heads? I also want you to know that I revered as a "Tinkering Artist" which may or may-not have anything to do with random findings!! Thanks for the birthday greeting, you are our Number One Daughter and very special.

  2. Awwwww.... Isn't he the cutest?? Thanks for letting me know it was his birthday! Coloring her hair, huh? Glad to have THAT little bit of information. I'll be sharing that at the next neighborhood dinner! He's also an incredible wire-spool-coffee-table-maker!

    :-) Gotta love Dale!


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