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Friday, August 3, 2012

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i am on the move this month! this weekend i'll be in charlotte hanging out with my ladies, home the following weekend to visit the family, a much anticipated wedding in raleigh the next weekend and then a road trip to burke county (think hunger games) with my rooms to visit a friend of ours and go camping.

i like these plans very much.

*august mix*

pink champagne : lovedrug

fineshrine : purity ring

collapse : mutemath

sebastian : reptar

into giants : patrick watson

always like this : bombay bicycle club

bye bye baby : bay city rollers

1957 : milo greene

too close : alex clare

on top of the world : imagine dragons

soon or never : punch brothers

you can't hurry love : the concretes

thunder clatter : keegan dewitt

what are your august plans, kids?

p.s. i think there are only like 50 some days of summer left. #byebyesweatandhumidity. (if i had twitter).


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