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Friday, August 31, 2012

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it's the start of a glorious four day weekend for me! i've got plans for coffee dates, rock climbing, hitting the water park, getting my grub on at a food truck rodeo, spending time with my gal pals, church at summit, and making homemade pizza among other fabulous things. what are your plans? wearing white while you still can? (total myth, btw). 

i've found quite a few cool things on the web this week. here's my running list. 

a day in the life of i spy diy
just found this new blog and look how cute her little desk/studio are. 
roasted plums with vanilla ice cream. just stop. 
i just entered a giveaway to win a credit to this shop. i really want a pair of these
gold leafing. purty. 
a cute and quick diy
a verse for rest and peace. 
the video is stupid but the song. oh, the song
might have to make this pizza over the long holiday weekend. 
books and their matching bikinis.
beautiful and creative engagement photo shoot.
fun jewelry.  

have you guys found anything fun on the interwebs this week? have a great long weekend! i'm off to brew my second cup of coffee before i even think about getting out of my pajamas. 

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