Friday, August 10, 2012

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i'm heading home this weekend for a little r and r. i haven't been home in what feels like months, so i'm excited to see my family and visit all of my favorite spots including swank coffee. this will be the last weekend i see my little brother before he heads off to college. i'm getting a little sad just thinking about it. good thing my roommate amy and my friend chelsea will also be joining me tomorrow for some girl time!

i love my sweet hometown. i love going home for weekend visits. we moved to southern pines when i was nine, so i have basically grown up there. it holds such sweet memories for me. like when my brother surprised us at christmas and came home from being stationed in las vegas. or walking to my first real job at the local library only blocks from our house in downtown. there was learning to drive stick shift, my little's brother's first day of school, birthday party games in the backyard, my first one mile fun run, dates with my dad, sleepovers with my girlfriends, holiday parades. 

i think a lot of people can agree that there's something special about your hometown. there's a little pride that swells up in your heart. you become a little territorial. in your head you're thinking "whatever, joe schmoe. my hometown is way cooler than yours." unless your hometown is like chicago or san francisco in which case you win hands down. and, in which case, why haven't you invited me to visit?

hope you guys have a fun weekend wherever you are and whatever you do! my goal is to take pictures of my trip home and show you guys how cute southern pines is. i always take my camera with me and then it stays in my bag all weekend while i'm out frolicking around. i might have to resort to tying a string around my finger to help me remember. 


p.s. on a rando sidenote, i just signed up the the color me rad race in october. i'm so excited i could go run a 5k right now, but i wouldn't have people throwing color on me so it's just not worth it. 


  1. The Color Me Rad run sounds amazing! I wish that I was getting to do it!


  2. your hometown is missing you already as are a few folks!


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