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Thursday, August 23, 2012

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i'm one of those people that, the second I walk through the front door, stuff is flying everywhere and i'm basically a tornado. bag/jacket/scarf/shoes/everything on the floor, hair up in a messy bun, I NEED WATER, eat a snack, sit on the floor or the counter for five minutes and contemplate the day... and the stuff i threw in all directions usually stays there for a hundred years. worst habit. i should really change this - maybe consider putting everything in its place instead, so i'm not trying to find it later? what a concept. 
-kelly ann from the flowerchild dwelling

i may not be that bad, but i love this quote. the minute i hit my door after a long day, it's off with the real clothes and on go the comfy clothes. my hair is too short for a bun, so it turns into a small nub at the top of my head. i scan the fridge for leftovers or eat candy from our pantry. check the email. rummage through my purse that is now on the floor where i dropped it. text my mom. what's on hulu?  think about being productive. continue to watch hulu. 

ritual or bad habit? neither of those really fit the bill. let's go with quirk. 

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  1. hey , its all good girl, as i sit here sipping on my half a second glass of vino. this is not( wink, winK) your mom:)


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