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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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the beginning of a new week is hard. there's the dreaded monday, waking up to an alarm set hours before anyone should actually have to get out of bed, putting on real clothes, etc. starting a new week is really difficult when you've just had a really great weekend. 

as i mentioned i my previous post, i spent the weekend in southern pines with my family and two of my girlfriends. we had a blast. i told you guys i was going to document our trip, but, alas, i left my camera in my desk at work and didn't feel like driving back to get it before heading home. i've pieced together some images from the world wide web and some instagram pics that chelsea took. i promise will make good on my promise, though. promise. 

on friday evening, i drove straight to my dad's new place. he lives within walking distance of downtown so we took a nice evening stroll down to the wine cellar for happy hour. it was such a nice night and we sat on the outdoor patio and talked for a while. we decided that since it was time for dinner and since we were already downtown, we might as well make an evening of it and dine out. 

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we walked a block away to ashten's and nabbed the last table in their "formal dining room". i felt very informal in my jorts and baseball tee. i thought they would at least place us behind a wall or a huge flower pot to shield me from the other diners, but we got a table right next to the front entrance. i made sure to use my napkin as a bib. 

on saturday, i went yard saling with my parents. i scored a few good finds, but the real treat was spending half the morning with my parents in the car. riding with my parents is a mix between an amusement park ride and a site seeing tour. the gps is shouting out directions, there's random braking, pointing, u-turns on one way streets, rolling stops. i sat quietly in the back seat drinking what i thought might be my last cup of coffee. 

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chelsea arrived around noon, and we hit the ground running. we stopped at a few places downtown including a resale shop, the ice cream parlour (for afternoon candy and fries), swank coffee shop, and the mockingbird then headed over to goodwill and scoured the racks for treasures. just as we were finished at gcf, amy texted and said she was in town! whoop. we met up with her at the wine cellar for moscato. 

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by the time our glasses were drained, it was nearing dinner time so we all headed back to my parent's house for ribs. my older brother kelsey was in town so we had a very full table. it was nice to have so many of my favorite people all in one room sharing a meal together. we kind of don't take things too seriously so there was lots of reaching across the table to reach the bread basket and laughing (at each other) between bites.

ames, chels, and i had plans to go see to rome with love at the sunrise theater downtown so off we went again. woody allen? annoying. but the movie was fairly enjoyable-ish. 

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on sunday we went to church, ate lunch together, took some awkward family photos with my college-bound brother, explored a bit more around town and then we all headed our separate ways. it was such a lovely weekend. the right amount of busyness and relaxation. all i know is that i want it to be friday again.

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i hope you all enjoyed your weekend! what did you kids get into?


  1. where is your brother going to college?! hope the pines treated you well :)

  2. relished the comments about your crazy parents driving and direction habits.


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