internet gems. part two.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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spent time at the beach this weekend with some of my best girls. we had a lovely time, and i'm sad it's back to the grind. these internet gems should help to ease the pain.

25 things every woman needs to know. just read it, and i have to say holla.

domino magazine is back. all is right with the world. santa, i know you're reading my blog because you're omnipresent so i'm going to make this really easy for you. one year subscription.

when someone says "let go and let God" and you have to restrain yourself from punching them in the face.

i've never been super into halloween which is weird because candy. but i think this is just about the coolest costume ever.

this article over at deeper church. sometimes you feel tired and helpless, and you need to be reminded that you are not alone.

jamming out to the black keys lately. when i listen to them, i feel like i'm starring in a movie driving an old chevy impala down a long desert road. i'm wearing big aviator ray bans. brad pitt is riding shotgun because we're about to pull off this big bank heist, and he knows about that kind of stuff because of all those oceans movies. this is embarrassingly detailed.

moscow mule recipe. love me some ginger beer.

how do we feel about midi rings?

going to england next month, and i want to get an army jacket for the trip.

my co-worker emily just got engaged and is planning her november wedding. (as in, this). we've been having a giddy ole time talking flowers and gift registries and reception menu and dance tracks. i'm not the kind of girl who has had her wedding planned since age five, but i do know i love this cake style. and if it's still trendy in 30 years when i get married, i will have it.

mod pumpkins for fall.

when you don't know how to do justice.

do you have any internet gems to share?


  1. I love those mod pumpkins. Little mini pumpkins are my favorite. I want to go buy some and paint them to keep on my desk! Great gems :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. me too! I picked up a couple for my co-worker and i at trader joe's last week. they are our desk buddies.


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