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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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this past weekend was full. it was busy and fun and exhausting in all the best ways. when sunday evening came, my bones were weary and my head welcomed the pillow.

i spent a good portion of friday in the hospital with very close friends as their brother/son/husband/grandson had major surgery. we spent the day in reception taking turns getting coffee and reading books and making small talk. as the day turned to evening we heard word from the surgeon that all was well and the procedure was a success. we cheered and clapped and held hands in a big lopsided circle and thanked God for His goodness. 

the rest of the weekend was spent dancing the night away in downtown raleigh to celebrate a friend's recent engagement, ordering bloody marys, lobster and crab spring rolls, and bison sushi at cowfish for my older brother's birthday, and gathering together with 20 other ladies at a bridal shower for my wonderful co-worker who is getting married in less than a month. 

this weekend felt like one big celebration. we celebrated the answered prayers of a successful surgery, we celebrated the upcoming weddings of two brides and grooms, we celebrated the turning of another year older and wiser. 

sunday night as i was falling into bed, i was reminded of all the people who i am happy and honored to know. friendships that i never thought i would treasure as much as i do. families that aren't blood relation but treat me as such. girlfriends that have been my support system throughout the years. so many different relationships and dynamics and all so important.

i'll tell you what, falling asleep thinking about the people who you love makes for one deep and restful and peaceful slumber.


  1. Going to bed on a positive note makes such a big difference to the quality of sleep I get...I feel like I am literally inhaling a whole new kind of air filled with rainbows and unicorns and joy....yeh very cheesy but I feel so at ease when I close my eyes and dwell on all the blessings I have on this earth <3

    1. it's better than counting sheep! I have many blessings, that's for sure. thanks for stopping by. i'm off to check out your bloggy. :-)

  2. Lacey, you are such a blessing to us. Thank you for walking through the valley with us. I love you.

    1. you've been there for me throughout the years, and i am only happy to be there for you. love you guys!


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