happy father's day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

{photo credit: me}

i love my dad. he is one part ex-military man and one part teddy bear. he has the power to kill someone with a strong stare, but he also has a soft spot for homemade fudge.

he always enthusiastically supports my new ideas. like when i wanted to join the air force. (not kidding.) he is a big kid. he likes to ride motocross. (and he's good.) he has great stories about growing up in southern california. he randomly sends me gifts cards for starbucks and lowe's foods in the mail. he signs the cards "i love you, dad." every time. 

he plays with our cat domino. he thinks brad pitt is the main actor who played in titantic. one winter when we lived in massachusetts, he built a toboggan run in our backyard. it took him hours and hours, and it was awesome. he is always interested to know what kinds of crafts i am making at the moment. (and sometimes he crafts with me.)

{photo credit: me}

he loves loves the beach boys. he makes a mean cup of crema coffee. i'm his only daughter, and i can feel his love and protection of me fiercely. (when he met my ex-boyfriend for the first time, he sat with his hands behind his head, flexing his biceps during the whole conversation. hahaha...) he lets me talk and talk and talk. he cried when i was crowned homecoming queen in high school.  he chews bubble gum. like a boss.

{photo credit: me}

i love my dad. i think i'll go hug him. happy father's day!


  1. Lacey Kate!!!
    What a ray of SUNSHINE you are!!!
    I love your blog and so agree with you!!
    Your dad loves you to the ends of the earth and back! We all love you Sweetheart!! Thank you for you!!!Love you SOOO much!!

  2. thank you, candace! i love you guys mucho mucho. :-)


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