it's the freaking weekend, baby...

Friday, June 3, 2011

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i'm about to have me some fun! yeah, yeah. i can hear your underhanded comments. "how can she be excited that it's friday? she's unemployed. every day is friday to her." blah blah blah. sticks and stones. pish-posh. nonsense.

it doesn't matter that i don't have a job and can sleep in most days. it doesn't matter that i can wear pajamas for half of the day and gym clothes for the other half. it doesn't matter that i can go to wal*mart at noon on a tuesday. (and for the curious, it's not exciting. although, there are less crazies on a tuesday at noon than on a saturday at noon. truth.)

the reason i get excited that it's friday is because it means my responsible, employed friends can PLAY! with me! all weekend!

my plans for this weekend include: hanging out with good friends, crafting, yard saling, being up in the gym just working on my fitness, coffee bar at church, laying out by the pool, trying out a new recipe involving sweet potatoes (stay tuned), and whatever else comes my way. nothing too exciting, but that's fine with me. sure, i like weekends with concrete plans, but i really enjoy weekends with no big to-dos.

what are your weekend plans? hot date? awesome concert? justin bieber's never say never movie? (if you're doing that, you need to call me.) tell me. i'm dying to know. 

one more random thing. if you have plans for trying out a new recipe this weekend, or if you're reading this at work, and you want to spend some company time browsing the web, these foodie sites are excellent. take a look!

matt bites -food stylist and cookbook author. plus, he's funny. like me.

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recipe girl -whaaaat. is this a chocolate chip cookie dough brownie? i'm in love, i'm in love, and i don't care who knows it.

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smitten kitchen-the author behind smitten kitchen makes all of her recipes from scratch in a teensy tiny kitchen in nyc. also, she has a crush on matt from matt bites.

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bake or break-lots of yummy baked goods and drool worthy pictures to match. like the author from smitten kitchen, she also lives in nyc. unlike the author of smitten kitchen, she does not have a crush on matt from matt bites. 

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happy cooking/baking/making a mess in the kitchen/dining out instead of making a mess in the kitchen weekend! enjoy whatever you do. 


  1. blogs! Thanks for the new ones to check out! :-) Happy weekending!

  2. I've been known to have Bieber fever from time to time. Never say never + crafys + you + me=soon?


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