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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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it feels like the dead of summer, and it's only june 1st. uuuuuuugh. i've never been a summer person, but i try to have a good attitude about it...until the temperature rises above 75 degrees. i don't mind being sweaty when i'm running or working out or grubbing around town or playing outside. that's when you're supposed to sweat. but when i've actually taken a shower (!) and spent more than 2 minutes on my hair (!!), it makes me want to throw a temper tantrum when i step outside and everything melts. like throwing myself on the ground and crying kind of temper tantrum. justkiddingnotreally.

besides iced coffee and air conditioning, one thing that helps ease the pain of summer heat is a good playlist. riding down the highway with the windows rolled down, music blasting? i'm in. my roommate amy and i took a vacation to california last summer and did exactly that. we rented an electric blue mustang convertible and drove the 101 with the top down, singing songs about california the whole way. i felt like was the absolute coolest human being on planet earth.

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so, go put your bigger-than-the-national-debt shades on and crank up the music! here are some of my picks for my try-to-have-a-good-attitude-about-the-fact-that-it-feels-like-a-sauna-outside-even-though-it's-still-not-officially-summer playlist...

windows are rolled down : amos lee
the way we get by : spoon
fire and dynamite : drew holcomb and the neighbors
sweet disposition : temper trap
walking on a dream : empire of the sun
one less lonely girl : justin bieber (fever!)
something beautiful : needtobreathe
rooftop : emily hearn
california : phantom planet (you best believe this was the first song amy and i blasted in the stang)
wolf like me : tv on the radio
see the world : gomez
if it's love : train
you make my dreams : hall & oates (so classic, so good)

what are your fave songs to sing with the windows down? you can be honest. this is the (almost) no judgement zone. i say almost because if you name any songs by lady gaga, we can't be friends. i have standards.


  1. Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae
    Miami - Will Smith

    to be continued when I am not busy at work.. :)

  2. come on lacey! you forgot ray lamontagne - for the summer! i'm disappointed in you...


    The Raconteurs - Salute Your Solution
    Two Door Cinema Club - This Is The Life
    Mat Kearny - Runaway
    Thile & Daves - My Litte Girl In Tennessee
    Death Cab For Cutie - Cath...
    Phoenix - Lisztomania and 1901
    Matt Wertz - Feels So Right

    i could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on...but that's what's in major rotation for me right now that came to mind

  3. love your comments! gah, i forgot ray. i'm such a failure. don't worry, i plan on having many more playlist posts so he'll get his chance to shine. i'm checking these songs out.

  4. bigger-than-the-national-debt shades = CHECK

    maybe some of the following:

    Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver

    The Strokes - Hard to Explain

    Foo Fighters - Everlong

    Blur - Song #2 (Obligatory selection to honor one of my high school buddies. I mean c'mon, I think this song was written in a convertible @ 70mph)

    And no offense, but the Hall and Oates song made me laugh so hard because all I could think of was the theme song to DuckTales. Sure enough, I pull up YouTube and my notion is confirmed. But yes, I think I see where you are coming from with that one :)


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