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Thursday, June 23, 2011

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martha stewart vs. lacey ostoj. let's take a look.

1. makes her own marshmallows.
2. covers things in glitter and makes them look chic and ultra-modern.
3. reuses egg shells to use as decoration.

1. prefers the taste of store bought marshmallows to homemade ones. not saying i can't make my own. it's totally a taste preference thing.
2. cannot hold a tube of glitter without it exploding out everywhere and turning my craft project into something found in a 2nd grade classroom.
3. eats eggs. throws the smashed eggshells in the garbage. where they belong.

dang. trumped by martha in every area. i cannot compete. not that i'm bitter or anything. psssh. that's silly. so silly...

there is one thing that martha does perfectly that i am grateful for and not the least bit bitter about-her craft line. holy smokes. that woman (and her team of about one million) know how to produce great craft supplies. from pretty papers to rubber stamps, she's got it going on. they are a little more expensive than other brands, but the quality is stellar. plus, i can find a lot of her stuff at big lots. don't tell her, though. she'd have a fit.

i bought a little package of her chipboard animals simply because they were cute. see? that's what martha stewart crafts do to me. i didn't have any major project plans when i bought them, but i couldn't resist the cute packaging and the pastel colors. uh, total sucker. they sat in my craft box for a while, but i recently pulled them out and made some cute cards with them.

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prancer meet dancer.

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crocodile rock. this guy is my favorite. 

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i'm so martha stewart. now, where is my microwaveable dinner?


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