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Monday, December 5, 2011

{photo credit: me}

i got my hairs cut the other day at the salon at ulta. i did my research beforehand and found pictures of short hairstyles that i liked. i've learned from experience to come prepared with pictures because, somehow, when i tell my stylist that i want a stacked bob, it translates to tapered mullet. i'm not sure how that happens. it's a mystery. kind of like how no matter how many different characters kristen stewart plays, she's always the same character. ponder on that.

i was sitting in the chair trying to avoid looking at myself with wet hair and an unflattering black cape over my shoulders when i spotted some verrrrry pretty nail polish bottles. so shiny. so colorful. i want them. one, two, fourteen. gimme gimme.

i remembered a simple tutorial i saw on the beauty department for black and gold nails so i made the decision to get some new polish in the name of creative research. check it.

{photo credit: me}

1. paint your nails a shimmery, glittery polish. i chose gold but silver would work great, too. 

2. let nails dry. very important.

{photo credit: me}

3. use tape or round stickers to tape off selected nail tips. you can do this on every nail or just a few. i decided to just paint my ring fingers.

4. paint nails tips with black polish. i would recommend two coats for good coverage.

{photo credit: me}

5. peel off tape to reveal your fancy nail.

6. hate the result.*

{photo credit: me}

7. use nail polish to remove polish. paint entire nail black instead.

{photo credit: me}

7. ta-da! black and gold. i'm going to a christmas partay on friday, and i think this is how i'll paint my nails. so fancy.

*i think the black polish that i used was too cheap. it stuck to the tape when i peeled it off. i might have to invest in a polish that costs more than $1 if i want to try this again. and i do. want to try this again.

happy polishing!


  1. Saw this - thought of you. I know you could make this look amazing.


  2. always eager to see what the blogmistress has posted. me, myself and i are a coral/pinkish gal but , knowing you, black and gold/silver is purrrfect! p.s. i am the anonymous one you will be seeing ta- marra!


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