the lovely list. part five.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

this week was pretty lovely.

1. had a date with my mom in chapel thrill/carrboro that included coffee at the open eye cafe, thrift shopping, this and that boutique, carr mill mall, lunch at whole foods, and free samples of chocolate and wine at trader joe's.

2. got a package from my dad filled with my favorite ginger chews.

{photo credit: me}

3. spent time with my small group girls. they are the absolute jam.

4. had an sbux date with my friend liz during our work shift. chai soy latte for me, caramel frappuccino for her.

{photo credit: me}

5. colored my hair for the very first time. red(ish)heads have more fun.

6. went to a rodeo and watched cowboys do their thing.

{photo credit: me}

7. went to a fancy pants christmas partay and got a marshmallow gun from my friend michael. rockin.

8. had a morning coffee date with kelly and megs.

9. watched the new tay laut movie at the $2.00 movie theater. he rode a motorcycle, karate chopped guys in the neck, kissed a hot girl, defied gravity, drove a really fast car, took off his shirt, evaded several killers. it was every bit as predictable as i thought it would be right down to the terrible acting. would i recommend it? absolutely.

10. served at summit's coffee bar for the last time. happy and sad.

11. had a lazy morning with my rooms.

eleven lovelies is a pretty good week.


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