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Saturday, December 17, 2011

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this past tuesday my rooms and i had our christmas together. since we're in different states seeing our families on the actual holiday, we like to set aside a night when we can exchange pressies and have a good dinner together. i had the day off so i made a chicken crockpot dinner with mushroom and herb risotto and, for dessert, warm apple pie filling over vanilla frozen yogurt. it sounds fancier/harder than it actually was. i mean, what am i saying? it was so labor intensive and extremely time consuming. don't even get me started on how rare and expensive the ingredients were. 

after dinner we exchanged gifts. my style of gift giving is usually to give a lot of little gifts. i can't ever afford a really big gift, and, besides, i think it's more fun to have a lot of pressies to open. i made her a few gifts and got her a cake cookbook (she has her own cake business), modern family season two, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, a pretty passport cover (she told her boyfriend that the only thing she wanted from him was a stamp in her passport. a very reasonable and low maintenance request if you ask me), green apple licorice (her fave), and softlips chapstick (because her boyfriend is coming home from deployment any day now).

i was next to go. i literally screamed when i opened the new justin bieber christmas album. she knows me, she really knows me. i've been listening to it nonstop which is very unfortunate for those around me who don't share the same love for him. she also got me a cupcake from our fave cupcake bakery, a metal spatula (i promise i actually wanted one), burts bees chapstick (i don't have a boyfriend coming home from deployment, but i have a right to soft lips, too), cute ankle socks, and three pairs of lacy panties. lacey panties was my nickname in high school. i made the mistake of telling my friends in raleigh about it and it stuck. i feel like i need to add that the name was given to me not because i flashed the entire school during a pep rally but because a classmate thought the connection of lacey and panties was funny. hilarious, actually.

the only low point of the evening when i got three calls back to back from work asking me to come in to work an emergency night shift. i ended up going in and somehow made it through. it helped that i worked with my friend liz, a cute (married) doctor bought us a pint of cookie dough ice cream, and we watched parks and rec on my laptop. we ended our shift by grabbing breakfast from the cafeteria and then went back to her apartment and watched tv until we fell asleep on the couch.

merry christmas to all. and to all a big, fat nap.

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