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Friday, December 23, 2011

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today i leave raleighwood to go home for christmas. 

i. am. so. excited.

i get to see my brothers, my parents, and our family cat whom i like to harass.

i will be making poor man's toffee in our small kitchen and probably taking up every inch of counter space.

i'll be house/kitty sitting while i'm home for a lovely friend who lives on a golf course. it's a tough job, but someone has to do it. actually, it's a really easy job, and i'm thrilled that i get to do it.

i get to attend my parent's church for christmas eve service.

i will drink the world's best cup of coffee made for me by my dad. he should be a professional barista.

i will eat too many cookies, pieces of fudge, slices of fruitcake, and cups of eggnog. did i say too many? i didn't mean that.

i get to spend christmas in the sweet little town of southern pines.

there will be no snow (sad), but there will be plenty-o-love.

love and jingle bells,

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