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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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i feel like i've been at a loss for words the past couple of weeks. i should have a lot to say since christmas time is my favorite time of the year, but i'm coming up empty. 

it's not a bad thing! i've been having a great holiday season with friends and family, making gifts, baking treats, going to holiday parties, watching christmas movies in my pajamas, admiring all the pretty lights, attending a christmas play, volunteering at a kids christmas event, decorating our cozy apartment, listening to christmas music nonstop, consuming more sugar and candy canes than buddy the elf, etc. 

i feel like i've been so busy with my real world life that when the time comes to tell you guys about it, i suddenly feel verrrrry sleepy. i hope you forgive me. perhaps a virtual platter of candy cane blossom cookies will help?

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i do have one thing to share. i've been thinking a lot about this season of advent. growing up, we always bought a chocolate advent calendar at the end of november. every day, beginning december 1st, my older brother and i took turns opening the paper windows to reveal a different shaped chocolate piece. sometimes we shared, most of the time we didn't.

it was a fun way to count down till christmas day. a countdown until santa and presents and stockings. the deeper, less superficial meaning behind advent is something i only recently cared to think about. i'm glad santa is only concerned if you've been good or bad and not smart or dumb.  i'm slow sometimes. 

advent: the coming or arrival of something extremely important.

what a cool word advent is. i think one of the reasons i like it so much is because it's not a word that i hear very often. it's a special word reserved for special occassions. in this case, the celebration of Christ's birth.

the definition reminds me how much weight this single word holds. advent involves anticipation. advent refers to an eagerness, an excited attitude, a hopeful mindset.

it reminds me how i should treat the christmas season-to anticipate the celebration of my Savior with as much enthusisam as i treat christmas morning present time. i need to put an emphasis on the fact that advent is an action. it's an active countdown. it's something to be excited about, thankful for, hopeful for.

that being said, maybe advent is a word we should use more often to remind ourselves not only of the birth of Christ but of His return as well.

let the countdown begin! 

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