happy birthday and happy new year!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

{photo credit: me}

today is my lovely mum's birthday. she is the greatest woman i know, and i can only hope to be half of who she is when i become a wife and mom. she has this extreme amount of patience. i don't get it. she drops whatever she is doing when any of her kids or husband need her help. i get annoyed when someone interrupts me during an intense hulu session. hello, rude person. can't you see i'm watching new girl?!

i love that her birthday is on new years because i never forget, but it kind of sucks, too, because i'm usually ringing in the new year with friends. because i am in raleigh this year, and not at home with my momma, i wish her the very best birthday from afar.

dear mom,
you rock. i'm sorry for the times i'm sassy. i hope my choice christmas presents to you this year make up for that. if you're still mad, i promise to name my firstborn after you. boy or girl. i lova love you.

also, happy new years to all of you guys! any huge, major, catastrophic plans for this evening? i'm playing it low key and hanging out with some good friends. i can't get excited about fighting the huge crowds downtown, but if you are going out tonight, be safe and have fun! you are clearly the braver of the two of us. i wish you well. godspeed.


  1. Lacey, I think I have an inside track and I don't think your sweet mama holds a grudge. If you have a girl....name her Laurie. Noting better. But, for a boy...last time this worked was Little Women. No boys named Laurie. K?

  2. dale couldnt wait to wake to come see your blog about moi! sob,gulp, teary. thank you my little one. i thank God for the honor of blessing me with you for my daughter.you lite up our lives in a thousand ways. you rock on in this fresh new year. always all God's best for you. hugs

  3. I remember those sunglasses :)


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