one year plus two days

Friday, May 18, 2012

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today marks one year and two days since i started this little bloggy. hurrah! it has been so much fun documenting the day-to-day, the DIY, the calorie laden recipes, the ups and downs of my life. in the past year i have had quite a few adventures...

being unemployed for an entire spring and summer
first ever tan
getting my wisdom teeth pulled at the ripe old age of 26
weekend trips to visit out of town friends
getting a job at duke hospital
quitting my job at duke hospital
getting another job that i love
monthly mixes
becoming an auntie!
lots of lovely lists
christmas and new years in raleigh
turning the big 2-7 and having my amazing friends throw me a surprise partay 
running in my second half marathon
my first blogger meetup
exploring my city and documenting the cool places i find 
lots of crafts, goodwill finds, random thoughts
moments of clarity, moments of confusion

thank you for following me, thank you for reading my posts, thank you for your sweet and encouraging comments! keep em coming.
happy birthday little bloggy! i heart you. 

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