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Monday, June 2, 2014

{photo credit: me, taken at bean traders}

on friday i was craving coffee from one of my fave coffee places, bean traders. it's right next to a grocery store and as i needed to get some orange juice see where this is leading.

i got an iced coffee and on this very rare occasion i put half and half in it. i always drink my plain coffee black, but i was feeling indulgent so go full fat or go home.

i love this coffee shop for several reasons. it's super close to my house, it's literally across the plaza from my gym, they have tons of tables and seating areas for working, and they have the most amazing caramel lattes. i have taken both my mom and my dad here for coffee dates, i have taken my roommate, i have taken out of town friends. this got me thinking. i want to take YOU on a coffee date. yes. i would like to treat both you and i to coffee here. this is what we might talk about...

i would probably tell you that i'm very happy to be chilling with you at a coffee shop because is there anything better? friends + coffee = deep soul happiness.

i might ask you if you're learning anything cool lately-a new hobby or a book that's interesting you or maybe something in your spiritual life.

i'd tell you about this class i'm taking next week about finding and creating work you love. because i need help in that area. not so much the finding work i love but the creating it part. i'm trying to jump start my craft hobby into more than just a hobby! i would also ask if you had any advice for me.

you would have to tell me about your summer plans. i'd want to know if you have any vacations or trips planned-big or small. i love to travel so it's fun for me to hear about other people's adventures.

and since we were at a coffee shop, i'd ask you what you go-to coffee drink of choice was. important issues, people. important issues.

so, how about it? coffee on me?

this coffee date post idea was inspired by betsy! check her out over here.


  1. Oh, I absolutely love this post! You would be such a lovely lady to have coffee with. The class that you are about to take sounds exciting- I can't wait to hear all about it! And this coffee shop sounds fabulous- I love the fact that they serve their drinks in mason jars. I've only been drinking out of mason jars lately, they have such charm to them. I'm trying to plan lots of little trips for this summer. Nashville, Rehoboth, and New York are all on the list. What are your summer plans?

    1. Something tells me we would have a lot of fun over coffee. I love that the mason jar trend is still going strong. It just doesn't get old to me. Mason jars as cups, vases, pencil holders, candle votives-whatever! Bring it on little mason jar. Confession? I had to google Rehoboth to figure out where that was. Haha. It looks fun! I hope to do some traveling myself this summer. I love taking the train to travel when I can so maybe I can work out a little trip to DC or something? If not, the beach is a DEFINITE plan this summer.

  2. yummmm, that looks delish! coffee dates are the best.

    1. they are! so fun and casual and easy to schedule. it doesn't take a whole lot of planning and it is always so nice to meet up with someone and chat over java.

  3. I'm there. Get me a soy chai and save me a table. I love coffee dates. I have one this afternoon and I'm thrilled about it. Let's take a real one soon, yes?

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. i haven't had the chai yet at this place, but if you get one can i have a sip? coffee dates are grand! i love how easy and laid back they always are. and so satisfying, too. the best convos usually happen over a cup of java. :-) how was your coffee date?


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