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Monday, June 23, 2014

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hey, all! happy monday. i hope everyone had a good weekend. did you get into anything fun? mine was a mix of family, friends, food, fun. apparently, my weekend was brought to you by the letter F.

last monday, i was honored to do a little guest post for emma over at the hippie memoirs. i had such a fun time putting it together, and i am so excited that i get to feature her on humming right along today! i can't remember exactly how i found emma's blog. i was probably browsing comments on someone else's post and clicked on her name. i am so glad i did because it led me to her wonderful blog! it was one of those times when i knew immediately that i had stumbled upon a really great space. emma is creative and inspiring and has excellent taste in music. she loves the Lord and her friends and family. her instagram feed is flawless, and she has a great sense of style. oh, and she's super sweet and kind and has been such a dream blog friend! she is moving to nashville this summer and there may or may not already be talks of an epic road trip in our future. fingers crossed.  

today, emma is going to be taking over my "what didn't make it to instagram" series. but first, a little Q and A with the lovely girl so we can all get to know each other a little better. and heeeeere's emma!

1. What do you most like to do in your free time?  

I love to travel and explore, even if that means just jumping in the car and driving without intention. I'm also a big reader and I love spending time in bookstores and coffee shops. And then, of course, hanging with friends, listening to records, and writing. I'm also pretty addicted to online shopping :)

2. What creatively inspires you?  

Lots of things inspire me! It can be a great book, a song, a design, or even an individual. I feel like I am most inspired by people who live without limits and embrace life to the fullest.

3. Do you like to cook/bake? If so, what is your favorite thing to make?  

I definitely bake more than I cook. My favorite thing to bake would have to be cupcakes. One summer I worked my way through a cookbook making a different cupcake each week!

4. Why did you start blogging? And how has your blog changed over time?  

I wanted to be able to combine my love of photography and writing and have a place that was all my own where I could document my life. I was inspired by other bloggers and thought a blog would be a good creative outlet. Over the years I think I've definitely become more concrete with my blog posts. My blog is still first and foremost a place for me to write about my life, but it has also become a place to express myself and to meet super rad people (like Lacey)! Another thing that's changed since I first started blogging is that I don't pressure myself to post everyday. That just became so much of a hassle and it was to the point where I was posting content just to post. Now I try to put up around 4 posts a week which gives me a nice breather and is a way to ensure that each post is thought out rather than just thrown together.

5. What are your top three albums or artists of all time?  

This is such a tough one...

"Underneath" by Hanson
"Dreamboat Annie" by Heart
"Barton Hollow" by The Civil Wars

6. Who do you admire and why?  

I definitely admire my parents and my pastors. There are several people in my life who have gone out and chased their dreams no matter what the odds and they've done so without compromising their character or their beliefs. Those are the type of people that I admire most!

7. What is your favorite movie?  

My favorite movie would have to be "Across the Universe". The music, the sets, the story- I love it all! Other than that, I pretty much love anything starring Rachel Mcadams.

8. Sweet or savory?  

I'm definitely a sweet-kind of gal. Bring on the sugar!

9. What are some things on your summer bucket list?  

So far I have a few trips planned but I definitely want to do more traveling, I'd love to see the fireworks in DC for the 4th of July, I want to spend as much time at the beach as possible, and no summer is complete without a Ferris wheel ride!

10. What is your recipe for happiness? 

I think that happiness is found in loving yourself, in loving life, and in loving others. Although it's not always the easiest thing to do, if we strive to love, even in the toughest situations, we will be rewarded with happiness in one way or another.

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Top left: Hair always looks its best after the stylist does it.
Top right: Flipping through "The Kinfolk Table" for recipe inspiration.
Bottom left: Nothing better than a cold Starbucks on a hot day. (I take my black tea with a dash of lemonade. It's so good!)
Bottom right: I love front porches decked out in American Flags during the summer time.

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Top left: Puppy Kisses are the best kind.
Top right: It wouldn't be a proper Sunday night without a bubble bath.
Bottom left: Some days, getting out of bed is the hardest part.
Bottom right: This weathered little building outside of my office always reminds me of something out of a movie.

emma, thank you for being such a wonderful friend and guest posting for me today! i love all of your non-instagrams! it's fun to see what you're up to, and, hello, that starbucks drink actually does sound really delicious. i might just have to try that myself. please head on over to emma's blog and follow her along on all of her adventures. she's the real deal!


  1. Aw she's the cutest, with the best name! I cannot wait to check out her blog :)

    1. she does have a pretty great name. ;-) she is super cute and hip and sweet. what a darling. definitely check her blog out-she's got great taste in music which i know you will appreciate!

  2. You write the sweetest things! This turned out so great and I'm so happy we did a collab! Hopefully the first of many! Thanks for being so cool :)

    1. yeah girl! the first of many fun collabs! thanks again for being awesome and doing this fun post swap. :-) i just read your summer list post and am inspired to create my own. so much creativity buzzing around the blog world these days. happy saturday! fun plans?


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