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Monday, June 16, 2014

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hey, ya'll! happy monday and all that. hope you guys had a great weekend! did you get into anything fun?

i am guest posting over on the hippie memoirs today. the ever cool miss emma and i have become bloggy friends and have coordinated a couple of fun guest posts for you guys. she has a series called "10 things i love", and today i am taking it over! head on over to read a little Q and A about yours truly and then see what i'm currently digging.

make sure you read through her posts and get to know her! she is super creative and sweet and has the best taste in music. basically, i want to be her. or at least be her friend so she can rub some of that coolness off on me. thank you, emma!


  1. Just read your little guest post, you are the cutest girl! And of course, I love that picture of Drew!!
    xo TJ

    1. haha well thank you! emma is such a DOLL. i had so much fun doing this post, and i can't wait to feature her guest post on my blog this coming monday! she's been so much fun to correspond with and i hope you stop by and see her fun post!


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