Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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linking up with jenna and anne today for a "currently" post!

cooking: i cooked up a storm this past weekend. my boyfriend was in colorado for several days, and i thought it would be nice to stock him up with a few meals upon his return. i made sesame garlic pork loin, classic potato salad, pasta salad, and shortbread chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. he was not the only one who benefitted from this cooking frenzy.

watching: castle season four on netflix. i have no idea who even watches this show, and i am really behind in the series so i don't think i will ruin anything if i say THEY FINALLY KISSED. that's all.

planning: weekend trips. i don't have a big vacation on the horizon, so i am looking forward to planning some short weekend trips to the beach, my hometown, charleston, charlotte, etc. weekend trips are sometimes my favorite trips because the planning/travel time is usually pretty minimal and you can really focus on enjoying your time there.

reading: still working my way through the ghost at the table and just started evolving in monkey town. good reads so far! and since we're on the topic, i mentioned in this post my goal to read a minimum of one book a month this year. i am happy to report i am still on track! we're in june and halfway there. don't fail me now, good intentions.

wearing: this new maxi dress. it has pockets for my necessary items. lip gloss and chocolate. i am the happiest girl on the block.

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  1. Ooh, cute dress! And I'm impressed by all that cooking - sounds tasty. Thanks for linking up!

  2. I would LOVE the recipe for sesame garlic pork loin! Sounds yummy! It's so fun to plan weekend trips. I can't wait to hear more about your plans. Charleston is on my list of places to travel this year. I've got to do it! It's only 5 hours for me. How far is it for you?
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. You are the best girlfriend ever. Seriously. And yes, recipe for the sesame garlic pork loin - please!

  4. What a sweet surprise it must have been to come home to all of that food! And those cookies sound amazing!

    Gotta love dresses with pockets! Especially if they're comfy maxi dresses!

  5. ooo girl, share some of these recipes you cooked! (which btw so cute that you did that for him!)

  6. Ok, so it's pretty obvious that I need to drive down to your house so that I can try some of that delicious food that you cooked- it sounds amazing! Recipes please! Also, about half of the people in my household are obsessed with Castle so girl, you are not alone! Finally, I am loving that maxi dress! I'm on the hunt for a few new maxi dresses to wear this summer. I haven't looked at Target yet so that's next on my list!


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