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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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hey, babes. it's still spring, but it feels like summa summa summatime. every year i am determined to get through summer with a smile on my face. i somehow think i am going to start magically liking it. i think "this year will be different. i will not have to wipe sweat from my brow when i walk from my apartment to my car." and every year i am DEAD WRONG. but it's ok because i just got the cutest maxi dress from target, and when i feel sad about the dog days of summer, i will pull my dress out and put it on. in my air conditioned apartment.

let's do this thing with the music already.

june mix

runaway : mat kearney

black out days : phantogram

lady luck : pickwick

do : young man

saint catherine st. : sea wolf

slow motion : phox

feels like coming home : jetta

time to run : lord huron

where the spirit left us : okkervil river

lay your cards out : polica

happy june tunes!


  1. Girl, I am really digging this playlist! I am a huge Mat Kearney fan (I've seen him live and he is fantastic) and I am loving the vibe of that first song. The whole set is great- perfect way to start off summer!

    1. nice! i would love to see him live. i bet his shows are really fun. yeah, i think this mix has a good summatime vibe going on. thanks! :-)

  2. Yes yes yes sea wolf yes!!! They are singing my song of summer this year. Have you heard The Violet Hour by them? So good. MMmm i always love your mixes.

    I always get super pumped for summer and then I remember how hot it truly is and I get a little less pleased. But honestly, I'll suffer through the heat if it means I get these gorgeous summer sunsets every night. Man it looks like cotton candy out there!

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. sea wooooolffffff! can't stop listening to them tunes. and yes that song is so good. i really like old friend. and now i am looking to see if they are playing any shows close to me! wouldn't that be grand? i think i would actually love summer if it wasn't so suffocatingly humid around here. it just ruins it for me. i love aspects of summer: time at the pool, a little bitty tan, not bundling up in 14 layers, but the humid, sticky air drains my enthusiasm. ah well. making the most of it!

  3. Summertime music, yayy! Loving this list so much :)

    1. oh good i'm glad! i always have fun putting songs together. perfect for a road trip! beach here i come! :-)


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