Thursday, July 7, 2011

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awesomesauce (adj):
1. opposite of weaksauce
2. anything or anyone who is greater than just plain awesome.
3. most everything i say or do.

would it be an understatement to say that music is awesomesauce?

i get a lot of my music from websites and blogs that i stumble upon. one blog that i've been following for a while now is passionista presents. the author behind the blog, marilyn lott, has excellent taste in music, and every month she streams a new playlist on her blog. she encourages readers to comment on her blog because she picks one reader to win her monthly mix. so, i obeyed orders and posted once, twice, three times a lady. do you know where this is leading?

lacey + comment on marilyn's blog + magic fairy dust = june mix winner!

when i got the news that i won a mix cd, i was thrilled to say the least. i started screaming. i couldn't form words. i think i fell on the ground at one point. my roommate just stood in our kitchen looking at me. she thought i had gotten a job. nope. i just won a mix cd. what's even better than that? marilyn sent me three (3!!) cds-the may mix, the june mix, and the july summer dance party mix. why three? WHO CARES! you don't ask, you just receive.

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sweet brown paper bag wrapping and printed tape

{photo credit: me}

marilyn photographs her cd cover pictures

{photo credit: me}

inside covers and track action

i never win anything. i think the last time i won something was when i was six and i came in first place in a peter pan drawing contest. the only reason i won was because i cried when i had to stand in front of everyone in the room-eight people-and present my drawing. they thought i looked cute crying so they gave me the blue ribbon of excellence instead of the other kids who were behaving perfectly. suckas.

i'm still on cloud nine over my sweet victory. i know it's only cds. it's pretty small in the grand scheme of things. i mean, can you imagine my reaction if i won a vacation to hawaii? hyperventilating into a brown paper bag and fist pumping my arm out of socket immediately come to mind. maybe i'll just lay low and play it safe for a while. this winning streak could be dangerous to my health. (i'm aware that, technically, a streak consists of more than one, so i'm counting each cd separately.)

please head over to my new bloggy bff's website and try your hand at winning some tunes. even if you don't win, you'll be able to stream all of her hot-n-fresh tracks with the click of a button. oh yeah, except steaming her music is not as cool as WINNING it.

ok, i'm done.


  1. those put my CDs to shame...such care in the packaging and presentation. I hope you'll share what's on them!!!

  2. Lacey, you make me I may or may not have drooled while reading this because I was trying to laugh quietly because Katie's asleep and I'm up prepping my body for tomorrow's night shift. That kind of laugh. It's good for the you. Keep up the amazing work on this blog...I heart it!


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